HAIROUSE: Instant Covering to Bald Patches

HAIROUSE is an INDIAN cosmetic product approved by FDA. The complete composition of HAIROUSE is claimed in the label while the compositions of other concealers are not mentioned in the labels.

HAIROUSE is made up of Ninety-nine percent of Natural plant cellulose and one percent of other processing material. HAIROUSE is 100% vegetarian, eco-friendly and biodegradable. There is no chance for allergic reaction, as HAIROUSE is safe for skin and hair.

Electrostatic Natural Microfibers perfectly match with Natural Keratin and hold static charge. HAIROUSE suits both men and women and is mainly used to cover up Bald Patches instantly. HAIROUSE microfibers are 30% lighter and hence one need to use 30% lesser quantity of microfibers as compared other concealers in the market. HIROUSE microfibers get attached to the existing hair by electrostatic and chemical bonding.
HAIROUSE is available in different shades and colors according to the requirement of an individual. Five different shades of HAIROUSE are available:



Blowing fan, wind, sweating, exercise or light rain do not affect HAIROUSE Microfibers. Heavy rain or swimming affects microfibers. Normal Shampooing removes the Microfibers. Hard Combing is not advised. Wide toothed hair brush or comb can be used to touch up the hair. HAIROUSE should be sprinkled only after styling the hair and thus attain natural look.


Shake the container well by tapping the bottom, before each use to activate individual fiber

1) Wash and dry your hair completely. After styling sprinkle HAIROUSE Electrostatic Natural Microfibers over the thinning area until scalp is no longer visible.

2) After applying the microfibers, using your hand pat the area so that the fibers will merge with the hair completely. Avoid hard combing.

In no way does HAIROUSE help in Hair Growth. HAIROUSE is just a Camouflage to conceal Hair Loss.

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