Hair Thickening Fiber

HAIROUSE is the best hair building fiber which can quickly and effectively improve the appearance of hair. It is an Indian F.D.A approved product. HAIROUSE will not help for hair growth. It is only a hair camouflage or hair loss concealing cosmetic product.

There are no chances of side effects on the usage HAIROUSE because it is made up of 99% natural plant cellulose. If you feel any irritations due to any existing scalp infections, you can take advice from a hair specialist. HAIROUSE helps you to make the grafts appear more dense and bulky. You can also use our product after hair transplant as per the advice of your surgeon.

Instant Cover Bald Patches

There are certain things to remember before and after sprinkling HAIROUSE . Hair styling has to be done before applying HAIROUSE and after applying, hard combing should be avoided. Also, please use a wide toothed comb / hairbrush or pat with the fingers to give the final touch up to set hair.

HAIROUSE fibers are easy to remove from the clothes or bed linen by just dusting it with dry hand. HAIROUSE gives a complete natural look as original human hair. There is no difference noticed between natural hair and HAIROUSE-used-hair. HAIROUSE stays with the hair till the next shampooing.

Forget Expensive Hair Fixing. Build your hair within seconds by using HAIROUSE!!!

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