How HAIROUSE is different from other hair loss concealers?

HAIROUSE is an INDIAN F.D.A approved cosmetic product and hence the complete composition is mentioned in the label claim. HAIROUSE is made of natural plant cellulose (99%) and other processing material (1%). Plant cellulose is 100% vegetarian and eco friendly and bio degradable. Other concealers are claimed to be made out of sheep wool, and the complete composition is not mentioned in the label claim.

Does HAIROUSE help hair growth?

HAIROUSE does not help hair growth in any way. HAIROUSE is only a hair camouflage or hair loss concealing cosmetic product.

Does HAIROUSE interfere with the efficacy of other hair growth medications including Minoxidil?

Definitely not. HAIOROUSE can be sprinkled after about an hour after the use of minoxidil.

What are the side effects / allergic reactions with HAIROUSE?

As HAIROUSE is made of natural plant cellulose, the chances of side effects / allergic reactions are practically nil. If any irritations occur due to any existing scalp problem, go by the advice of your physician.

Can HAIROUSE be used after hair transplant?

HAIROUSE can be used to make the grafts appear more dense and bulky. Use as per the advice of your hair transplant surgeon.

How HAIROUSE is more economical than the other products?

As such HAIOROUSE is substantially economical on the basis of per gm cost. Beside this, HAIROUSE micro fibers are lighter and hence 30% lesser quantity, compared to other products of animal source is required for the same effect. So HAIROUSE brings to the users multifold cost advantage.

Can HAIROUSE stain clothes or bed linen?

No. If the fibers drop on the clothes or bed linen, just dust it away with a dry hand (not wet hand or cloth) and there will be no stains left behind.

How long HAIROUSE stays with the hair?

Till the next shampooing.

Does HAIROUSE give a natural look?

Unlike other hair-look-alikes, HAIROUSE looks completely natural. Even the person next to the user will not be able to distinguish between natural hair and HAIROUSE -used-hair.

Can HAIROUSE be used on wet hair or with wet look gels?

No. HAIROUSE should be used on dry hair only. Wet hair / wet look gels will cause the clumping of the fibers.

Can the hair be combed after HAIROUSE use?

No hard combing is advised.  Wide toothed comb or hair brush may be used to touch up the hair. After styling the hair only HAIROUSE should be sprinkled, and hence patting with the fingers after sprinkling is sufficient to get the natural look.


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