Why Hairouse?

Arouse hairstyle to alter the appearance of baldness and thinning hair in seconds

Today, thinning hair and bald patches are commonly seen among males and females of all age groups. This affects the self confidence of the people concerned. Concealing these with wigs and other artificial ‘hair–look–alike’ may not give the natural look of hair.

Doctor’s can offer real solutions to these problems in most of the cases through medications (oral and topical) and surgical procedures like hair transplant. Medications, if effective, will take anywhere between 4 to 6 months to restore the hair. During this period, a hair camouflage which can give a natural look of thickness and density to the hair will be of great help to boost the confidence of those undergoing treatment. Similarly, after hair transplant, to make the grafts appear more dense and bulky in a natural way, an ideal hair camouflage can be used.

Now, the  first Indian F.D.A. approved natural way to cover bald patches and thinning hair in seconds, is available,  HAIROUSE

Hair Thinning Solution Mumbai
Hair Thinning Solution India